Mei Silvio is primarily a performance-based artist, but her work can be disseminated through photography, video and sculpture. The socio-political debate of being a young woman of colour underpins her creative practice. Mei offers her body as the primary material of investigation and discovery, with her work alluding to the ethical implications of female labour, ethnicity and the politics of power. Collaboration is inherently woven into her practice, as she questions the consequences of anonymity of the participant and the objectification of the performer. She is concerned with feminine acts of grooming and feeding and their habitual rhythmical actions. The creation of props, which are used as tools for actions, are integral to her performances. These are often pragmatic in nature and reflect an immediacy and rawness through the use of domestic objects. Humour is layered into the performances to reflect the absurdity of feminine actions. Mei uses time as a vehicle to investigate the notion of excess, to the point it can become uncomfortable to witness as an audience member or participator.